To successfully create life from the ashes, we use an organic treatment that unlocks active growth elements from human ashes.

Untreated human ashes weigh around 3kgs. They have a very high salt content (around two cups) and the same pH as bleach and oven cleaner so simply scattering or burying them can cause long-term detriment to soil and tree health.

At Living Legacy, we have developed a world-first process enabling the safe transformation of a loved one’s ashes into life-giving nourishment for a growing tree.

Living Legacy trees use a proven formula of biology that works on a wide range of soil types and a broad range of Australian native and exotic European trees.

They have shown successful growth, and have been tested and validated by independent authorities over a 3 year clinical research and development period.

Without the Living Legacy treatment of human ashes, the impact of scattering and burial has a lasting detriment on soil biology and tree health. This is due to high pH and salt levels in the ashes.